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Happenings at Scrap N Create

I hope everyone has been having a nice Winter while keeping warm and dry! I have a lot to share with you so I hope you will keep paging down so you don't miss a thing.

  • New collection

  • New project designer

  • Latest YouTube projects

  • Projects in process


New Collection

Stamperia has just released their latest collection; Sir Vagabond in Fantasy World. The vibrant colors and imagery in this collection will most likely make it a must-have collection for many paper crafters. We are currently taking orders for this collection which we expect to begin shipping around February 24th. To see more of this awesome collection, click on the image below.


New Project Designer

Recently, we added a new designer to our team. Her name is Charlie. I stumbled across Charlie's YouTube channel and was really impressed with the albums she had designed. She has been creating albums and posting walkthrough videos, but no tutorials, on YouTube for almost 3 years. I contacted her and I am delighted that she has agreed to design albums as well as tutorials, something she is new at, for Scrap N Create. Her videos will be available on both her My Messy Fingers - YouTube channel and on the Scrap N Create - YouTube channel. So far, she has designed two albums, both with tutorials. I'm sure you will agree that she is an excellent designer with some great ideas. Please be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel, so you will receive notifications of her latest projects:


Latest YouTube Projects

Charlie and Kristine have been very busy creating some wonderful projects that are sure to inspire you. I hope you will check out their latest creations. Their videos can be accessed through the Scrap N Create - YouTube channel. However, I encourage you to subscribe to their YouTube channels, so you don't miss out on other projects they may create.

Charlie's first mini album features the Graphic 45 - Love Notes collection.

Walkthrough and tutorial videos are available on my YouTube channel at:

Charlie's second album features the beautiful Ciao Bella - Winter Journey collection.

Walkthrough and tutorial videos are available on the Scrap N Create - YouTube channel at:

Kristine's latest project for Scrap N Create features the Graphic 45 - Life is Abundant collection in a beautiful 12 folio set with a box.

Kristine's walkthrough video is available on YouTube at:

The tutorial video for the Life is Abundant folio set is available for purchase at:


Projects in Progress

Charlie is currently working on a mini album featuring Ciao Bella's beautiful wedding collection, Always & Forever. The collection is available in our shop at:

Kristine is currently working on a mini album featuring Stamperia's Coffee and Chocolate. She expects to complete the album soon, so if you're subscribed to her YouTube channel, you will receive a notification to let you know that she has posted a new project. She has provided me with a photo of the album cover, but don't be surprised if she adds some additional elements to it. After all, it's still a work in progress. The Coffee and Chocolate collection is available in our shop at:


I hope you found my latest update to be interesting and helpful. If you are subscribed to my shop, you will receive emails of my latest blog posts.

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